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  1. Chantel & Scott

    03 Sep 2019
    Chantel and Scott’s Wedding day was not only stunning but a ton of fun as well! We started off the day at the iconic Chateau Laurier where Chantel got into her stunning gown made by Promises and Lace Scott has a relaxing morning with his family playing video games…

  2. Jamie & Edmon

    19 Aug 2019
    We drove down the winding dirt roads of rural Quebec, along Lac Bernard to a cottage tucked away in the trees. Jamie and Edmon had an intimate wedding at place that holds many memories for Jamie. Her family grew up visiting the lake with close family friends. Edmon is from…

  3. Sam & Tom

    22 Jul 2019

  4. Lydia & Shady

    18 Jul 2019
    A whole community of people came together on Saturday to honour the marriage of Shady and Lydia. These two are both involved with their church community and you could tell they were well cared for. After a beautiful ceremony we all gathered for a delicious lunch downstairs. Everyone was so…

  5. Sarah & Marco

    09 Jul 2019
    Many times a wedding is so special because it brings families together from near and far. On Saturday we were so lucky to witness not only Marco and Sarah’s vows to each other but also the merging of two wonderful families. You could see how much love these families have…

  6. Cassandra & Mike

    12 Jun 2019
    The summer is finally here and the weather did not disappoint this past Sunday. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out for Michael & Cassandra’s wedding. We started off the day at each of their family’s houses. There was so much love and support for these two as they got…

  7. Nicole & Nic

    13 May 2019
    It was an absolutely beautiful day for Nicole and Nic’s wedding day. The day started off at the Brookstreet hotel and proceeded to move to The Marshes for the reception. We had so much fun with this couple and their bridal party as you’ll see below… The first look was one…

  8. Guest Blog Post- Sourcing Local Flowers for your Wedding Day

    24 Apr 2019
    Our blog is being taken over by Mandy Drew of Trillium Floral Designs to chat about local flowers for your wedding day! This information is extremely interesting and useful. Enjoy!  Thank you Nick for letting me take over your blog today! It was a pleasure working with you last year…

  9. Lisa & Stephen

    12 Feb 2019
    Our 2019 season began with a cozy, beautiful winter wedding at Strathmere. This was our first time being there with a blanket of snow covering the rustic lodge and it was absolutely stunning. Everyone gathered outside, with a hot chocolate, to witness Lisa and Steven say their vows We got…

  10. Classic Wedding Itinerary

    10 Jan 2019
    Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming. To try and help, we’ve put together some information on how the day typically plays out from a photography perspective. If you’re planning something unique, just let us know and we’ll work on some custom timing with you.  Note: Please make sure to

  11. First Look Wedding Itinerary

    10 Jan 2019
    Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming. To try and help, we’ve put together some information on how the day typically plays out from a photography perspective. If you’re planning something unique, just let us know and we’ll work on some custom timing with you.  Note: Please make sure to…

  12. Jessica & Jeffrey

    09 Oct 2018

  13. Laura & Rob

    27 Sep 2018

  14. Jen & Davoud

    20 Sep 2018

  15. Sabrina & Brad

    10 Sep 2018

  16. Sara & Zach

    10 Sep 2018

  17. Jessica & Richard

    08 Jul 2018
    Jessica and Richard’s wedding was very relaxed and intimate and that shows through the photos. Though we had only met a few times before the big day it felt like shooting a friends wedding. The ceremony was at St. Patrick’s Basilica downtown Ottawa. Family and friends gathered afterward to take photos and…

  18. How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

    30 May 2018
    1. Love Their Style & Approach One of the most important steps in choosing your photographer is to make sure you love their images. Each photographer is going to have their own style of shooting and editing. If you love their portfolio and albums and can imagine yourself in their…

  19. Getting Ready For Your Engagement Shoot

    16 Feb 2018
    Over the years we’ve developed a fun and relaxing way to shoot engagement sessions. We try our best to keep it simple and easy for our couples, while still grabbing some awesome shots. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive, as well as some tips to…

  20. Carolyn & Kyle

    20 Sep 2017
    We Absolutely loved working with Carolyn & Kyle. We spent most of the day at the aviation museum, which was truly the perfect spot for their wedding. Thank you so much for letting us capture this special day we had a blast… Here are just a few of our favourite shots: …

  21. Natalia & Josh

    21 Oct 2016
    A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting Natalia & Josh’s special day. Despite a surprise fire alarm, the day went off just as planned! Thank you for trusting us, and allowing us to take some creative risks with your wedding photos Here are just a few of our favourite captures so…

  22. Shannon & Roy

    03 Oct 2016
    After having so much fun with these two during their engagement photo shoot, I knew their wedding would be a blast! All of the girls looked wonderful with their hair and makeup done. Luckily no one got hit in the eye with the champagne cork after a slight malfunction. The…

  23. Melissa & Matt

    28 Sep 2016
    When Melissa and Matt told me that their wedding was at the Aviation Museum I was super excited for the chance to shoot in this unique venue. Having fond memories of trips to this museum as a child, I knew we would be able to create some awesome photos!  Matt…

  24. Ashley & Steve

    09 Sep 2016
    We were looking forward to this wedding from the minute it was booked with us. After getting to know Steve through many grueling ball hockey games, I was pumped to be part of his special day! Ashley was so much fun to spend the morning with and she looked stunning…

  25. Amanda & Abdou

    09 Sep 2016
    Thinking back to this wedding, the first word that comes to mind is family. These two were so lucky with the amount of love ones around them, helping them celebrate their special day. There was not a dull moment between all of the laughter and music. The Hilton was a…

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