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  1. Jessica & Jeffrey

    Date 09 Oct 2018

  2. Laura & Rob

    Date 27 Sep 2018

  3. Jen & Davoud

    Date 20 Sep 2018

  4. Sabrina & Brad

    Date 10 Sep 2018

  5. Sara & Zach

    Date 10 Sep 2018

  6. Jessica & Richard

    Date 08 Jul 2018
    Jessica and Richard’s wedding was very relaxed and intimate and that shows through the photos. Though we had only met a few times before the big day it felt like shooting a friends wedding. The ceremony was at St. Patrick’s Basilica downtown Ottawa. Family and friends gathered afterward to take photos and…

  7. How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

    Date 30 May 2018
    1. Love Their Style & Approach One of the most important steps in choosing your photographer is to make sure you love their images. Each photographer is going to have their own style of shooting and editing. If you love their portfolio and albums and can imagine yourself in their…

  8. Getting Ready For Your Engagement Shoot

    Date 16 Feb 2018
    Over the years we’ve developed a fun and relaxing way to shoot engagement sessions. We try our best to keep it simple and easy for our couples, while still grabbing some awesome shots. Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive, as well as some tips to…

  9. Carolyn & Kyle

    Date 20 Sep 2017
    We Absolutely loved working with Carolyn & Kyle. We spent most of the day at the aviation museum, which was truly the perfect spot for their wedding. Thank you so much for letting us capture this special day we had a blast… Here are just a few of our favourite shots: …

  10. Natalia & Josh

    Date 21 Oct 2016
    A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting Natalia & Josh’s special day. Despite a surprise fire alarm, the day went off just as planned! Thank you for trusting us, and allowing us to take some creative risks with your wedding photos Here are just a few of our favourite captures so…

  11. Shannon & Roy

    Date 03 Oct 2016
    After having so much fun with these two during their engagement photo shoot, I knew their wedding would be a blast! All of the girls looked wonderful with their hair and makeup done. Luckily no one got hit in the eye with the champagne cork after a slight malfunction. The…

  12. Melissa & Matt

    Date 28 Sep 2016
    When Melissa and Matt told me that their wedding was at the Aviation Museum I was super excited for the chance to shoot in this unique venue. Having fond memories of trips to this museum as a child, I knew we would be able to create some awesome photos!  Matt…

  13. Ashley & Steve

    Date 09 Sep 2016
    We were looking forward to this wedding from the minute it was booked with us. After getting to know Steve through many grueling ball hockey games, I was pumped to be part of his special day! Ashley was so much fun to spend the morning with and she looked stunning…

  14. Amanda & Abdou

    Date 09 Sep 2016
    Thinking back to this wedding, the first word that comes to mind is family. These two were so lucky with the amount of love ones around them, helping them celebrate their special day. There was not a dull moment between all of the laughter and music. The Hilton was a…

  15. Kelly & Paul

    Date 15 Aug 2016
    Ever wonder if someone could organize an amazing, elegant wedding in less than six months? Well these two can! We are so happy we were available for your special day because this wedding was truly full of a deep love that two people share. The personalized vows, the special new…

  16. Vicky & Stuart

    Date 12 Aug 2016
    Vicky and Stuart’s wedding was extra special not only because they are family, but because they are a super fun and easy going couple! From their grand entrance to the Star Wars’ Imperial March to the maple syrup glazed dinner, everything about their special day was unique and fun! The…

  17. Stefanie & Richard

    Date 25 Jul 2016
    A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of capturing Stefanie and Richard’s day as the tied the knot We got to witness one of the most interesting and fun first dances we’d ever seen (see below).  Stefanie and Richard were delightful to be around all day and made our job so easy and fun! Here…

  18. Stacey & Chris

    Date 15 Jul 2016
    We’re well into wedding season now and we just wanted to take a minute to share a few of our early favourites from Stacey and Chris’ wedding day. The entire wedding was shot at the beautiful Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata Thanks for trusting us to shoot your special day, we can’t wait to…

  19. Madeline & Chris

    Date 16 Jun 2016
    Our first wedding of the year was an absolute blast to shoot. Please enjoy some of our early favourites from Chris & Madeline’s special day…

  20. Steph & Dima - Engagement

    Date 13 Apr 2016
    Had the opportunity to shoot some engagement shots with my good friends Dima & Steph a few weeks back. We spent the afternoon walking the streets of Centretown trying out some new locations and getting lucky with some awesome light at sunset As I do with all my clients, we stopped half way…

  21. Shannon & Roy - Engagement

    Date 19 Jan 2016
    I had a great time getting to know Shannon and Roy a few months back. We stopped at the Museum of Nature, The underpass on Rideau, and snapped a few night shots after a some snacks out front of the Metropolitain.  It was hard to pick, but here some of my…

  22. Katie & Chris - Wedding

    Date 16 Nov 2015
    Not going to lie, I had been looking forward to this one for a while after getting to know Katie and Chris a little better during our engagement shoot last spring It may have been the coldest day of the month, but these two (kudos to the wedding party as…

  23. Alyssa & Hannah - Wedding

    Date 10 Sep 2015
    What an absolutely beautiful wedding… I know how much hard work our couple put into planning this day, and I think it really shows through the images we were able to capture. The day started at the brides parents immaculately decorated home (which included a custom made wedding dress hanger…thank you!). We then proceeded after the ceremony…

  24. Emily & Anthony - Wedding

    Date 05 Aug 2015
    This past weekend we had the pleasure of capturing Emily and Anthony’s day as the tied the knot. Despite a little rain, and temporarily losing our couple in an elevator the day went off without a hitch Some of our stops included the Southminster United Church, The Arboretum, The Museum of Nature and Lago @ Dow’s…

  25. Meriem & Parham - Wedding

    Date 28 Jul 2015
    This past weekend we had the pleasure of shooting Meriem & Parham’s special day I knew this would be a fun wedding to shoot from the first time I met these two, but wow did it ever surpass my expectations! These two like to have fun, and I really think that comes through in these images.…

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